The Winter Sale on GOG is Now Underway



The CD Projekt-owned distribution site, GOG, has launched its annual winter sale, and it’s not the only one, as numerous gaming platforms and websites are preparing their end-of-year discounts. The GOG winter sale, which runs until January 4, includes a wide variety of game titles, both classic/retro, and contemporary. Some notable discounts include the original Mortal Kombat games and the entire Yakuza series at 75% off, a 35% discount on the System Shock remake, and 50% and 15% off on Cyberpunk 2077 and its DLC, respectively. The sale also includes the ever-popular Skyrim and approximately 6,000 other games.

The sale offers something not just for the seasoned gamer but also for newcomers, as the Myst 30th Anniversary collection, for example, is now on sale at almost 60% off. While this is indeed an exciting prospect for fans, it may also be an opportunity for novices to get acquainted with this classic game. With time running out and the year-end approaching, it’s worth keeping an eye out for more decent deals.

So mark your calendars and gear up for the upcoming Steam winter event, which is probably what most gamers are in high anticipation of. In the meantime, there’s enough on offer to keep you amused, whether you’re a 17th-century Restoration period gamer or just got started yesterday. So make sure to take advantage of these checkered sales that span centuries of gaming history!


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