New Trailer for Sovereign Syndicate Released, Launch Set for January



Crimson Herring Games has unveiled a fresh trailer for the Victorian steampunk RPG, Sovereign Syndicate, focusing on Clara, one of the three playable characters. The game will be available for access on PC via Steam starting January 15, 2024. Sovereign Syndicate offers a choice among three characters, namely, an orphaned minotaur magician Atticus Daley, cunning corsair Clara Reed, and automaton Otto, each having interwoven narratives.

The gameplay involves exploring a steampunk-infused Victorian London with twenty distinct locations and resolving the protagonists’ issues. The game stands out for its multi-directional narrative and dialogue systems, engaging the players with a tarot card-based chance system and a skill and etiquette system that offers rewards for consistent play.

The trailer of Sovereign Syndicate showcased Clara’s story and promises an intriguing gaming experience when it releases in January. The post with the new trailer release on RPGamer is an affirmation of the exciting game features and characters, creating momentum for the game’s launch.


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