First Devlog Video Released for Streets of Rogue 2



In their inaugural developer blog video for Streets of Rogue 2, publisher tinyBuild and independent developer Matt Dabrowski delve into the game’s open-world design and inspirations. A sequel to the previous title, Streets of Rogue, Dabrowski discusses how its development facilitated the creation of this latest game. Streets of Rogue 2 was released as part of a fresh series of informative videos on the game, which is an open-world roguelite, filled with action and adventure.

Set within a sprawling sandbox realm, players of Streets of Rogue 2 aim to uproot the incumbent corrupt president and seize power themselves. The game, offering both local and online co-op options, blends an array of genres and gives players a high level of autonomy in terms of play styles, tools and weapons used. Streets of Rogue 2 supports Linux, Mac and PC platforms.

The first alpha playtest for Streets of Rogue 2 is now open for applications, with the game set to enter a Steam Early Access release phase in 2024. Fans can gain sneak-peeks through devlog videos and screenshots released by the publisher tinyBuild and developer Matt Dabrowski.


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