Cotton 100% will be released on Xbox Series and Xbox One on December 7



ININ Games and SUCCESS Corporation are set to launch Cotton 100% on Xbox Series and Xbox One through the Microsoft Store on December 7. Originally released for Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan on April 22, 1994, it later went global on PlayStation 4 and Switch on October 29, 2021. Plans to bring out a PlayStation 5 version are also underway.

Cotton 100% follows the story of a fairy named Silk who seeks the assistance of a young witch, Nata de Cotton, in eradicating the evil plunging the world into darkness. Cotton’s motivation to help is the promise of giant Willows, magical candies she’s addicted to, scattered throughout their journey.

This game, based on its predecessor Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, features a refined, vibrant look with a Super Famicom color palette. Players can immerse themselves in this authentic ’90s cute ’em up action game and enjoy its unique charm and glory in its entirety.


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