Legend of Grimrock Set to Launch on Switch



Developer Almost Human has stated that its dungeon-crawling RPG, Legend of Grimrock, is due to debut on Nintendo Switch. Set to release on the Nintendo eShop on January 15, 2024, the Switch version entails a new user interface that complements the console and its controls. The game was originally released in 2012 for PC and was subsequently adapted for Mac, Linux, and iOS platforms.

The gameplay of Legend of Grimrock involves players assuming control of a group of prisoners who dodge sure death through exile on Mount Grimrock. The mountain provides an adventurous backdrop and hosts a series of ancient dungeons, tombs, and tunnels that players must navigate for survival. The game is strategically crafted with puzzles and real-time combat incorporated into its grid-based movement.

Legend of Grimrock further extended its footprint with a sequel, Legend of Grimrock 2, which was launched for PC in 2014 and Mac the following year. Given the enduring appeal and popularity of the original, gamers are eagerly anticipating its console adaptation.


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