2023 Steam Awards Winners Unveiled



The annual Steam Awards, dominated by user votes, concluded for this year with the announcement of the winners. Voting was open from December 21 till January 2. Unsurprisingly, many of the victors were top performers last year, with a few surprise titles making the cut. Game of the Year went to Baldur’s Gate 3, a widely acclaimed CRPG, after stiff competition from games like Resident Evil 4 Remake and Hogwarts Legacy. The latter did secure Best Game on Steam Deck award, impressively adapting to the handheld’s settings, while Starfield took home the Most Innovative Gameplay Award.

Baldur’s Gate 3 not only snagged the top honor but also received the Outstanding Story-Rich Game Award. Other eminent titles include Labyrinthine, honored as VR Game of the Year, and Red Dead Redemption 2, recognized for the Labor of Love category. Atomic Heart was celebrated for its Outstanding Visual Style, The Last of Us Part 1 for Best Soundtrack, and SIFU as the Best Game You Suck At. Lethal Company allowed players to enjoy the Better with Friends category award and Dave the Diver helped players Sit Back and Relax.

Besides boasting their victory across the digital realm, winners will receive a physical Steam Awards trophy to display at their development offices. They also gain a virtual trophy for their store page, signifying their success in the gaming community during the 2023 Steam Awards competition.


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