Hironobu Sakaguchi is Continuing his FFXIV Adventure and Penning a New Scenario



Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi recently revealed that the studio is commencing production on a new project as part of their 2024 plans. Though he didn’t outright specify the type of scenario the studio is working on, the developer shared that the project has moved past the plotting phase and is now in the stage of main scenario writing. Sakaguchi stressed the significance of compelling and entertaining scriptwriting in this phase. The latest known game from Mistwalker is the Apple Arcade exclusive RPG, “Fantasian”, with rumors of a potential PC release or sequel.

In addition to spearheading the development of a new project, Sakaguchi also spends substantial time on Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), playing daily on the Anima server of the Mana data center, which is linked to the Japanese regional servers. The developer started playing FFXIV in September 2021 and frequently shares his progress on his personal Twitter account. Moreover, he encouraged fans to join him on his gaming journey by connecting on the Anima server.

Sakaguchi’s contributions to the gaming scene go beyond developing and playing games. He has ventured into the in-game trade by launching his own line of game merchandise named “sagaGUCCI” in January 2022. At present, Mistwalker’s game “Fantasian” is only available on Apple Arcade for Macs and Apple devices, and more updates on the new project are anticipated as the year unfolds.


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