Jaws Receives Official Pinball Game Nearly Fifty Years After Its Release



Stern has released details of its long-awaited Jaws pinball machine which pays tribute to the original movie and its subsequent sequels. This exciting new offering features an array of toys, targets, and ramps, including a mini playfield and a boat target which unveils a bash target shaped like the iconic shark. The machine is available in three differing models, each with its own set of features, with its official unveiling scheduled for CES 2024.

Despite the original Jaws movie releasing in 1975, it has astonishingly never had an official pinball machine adaptation, until now. The upcoming Jaws pinball machine primarily adapts elements from the original film, along with references to its first two sequels, immersing players into the role of the seasoned fisherman, Quint. Impressively, the game is narrated by Richard Dreyfuss’ Hooper, featuring newly recorded dialogue specifically tailored for the game.

The new pinball machine is stacked with standard Stern features including a TV showing video clips in the backglass and the ability to link up with the Insider Connect app for statistics tracking. It’s available in Pro, Premium and LE models each with a unique level of intricacy that justifies their varying prices. The playfield is filled with numerous targets and ramps, including a moving shark-fin target for an authentic experience. The Jaws machine will make its first public appearance at CES 2024, with more information set to be released, including details on the pre-order period and full release date.


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