‘Cult of the Lamb’ Releases ‘Sins of the Flesh’ Update on January 16



The anticipated update for the game “Cult of the Lamb” titled “Sins of the Flesh” will be released on January 16, according to the game’s publisher Devolver Digital and developer Massive Monster. They also revealed that since its release in August 2022, the game has sold more than 3.5 million copies. In the massively updated “Sins of the Flesh”, gamers can expect new quests, advancements, improvements, and even an exciting new resource for those ready to embrace the Sins of the Flesh.

New features such as “Sins and Disciples” will add an additional layer to gameplay by revamping the leveling system for Follower progression. Improvements will positively impact cult life, for instance, upgrading your broom will increase the effectiveness of chores pacing, while a fresh tier for the Janitor Station and Storage Structures will improve automation. Another engaging add-on is the introduction of the Blunderbuss weapon, allowing for an upgraded combat style.

Added features like unique outfits, and an exciting new Tailor building, where each cultist can choose from 23 different styles, will add a touch of personalisation. Moreover, with the introduction of offspring, the cult can grow even bigger by nurturing the newly laid eggs till they hatch and are ready to swear allegiance to your Cult.


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