Alan Wake is Becoming a Part of Dead by Daylight



Behaviour Interactive continues to expand the crossover content of its popular 2016 game, Dead by Daylight, now introducing a DLC based on Alan Wake 2, an acclaimed 2024 title. The character Alan Wake enters the game as a survivor, adding to the growing list of crossovers which include notable figures such as Nicholas Cage. Dead by Daylight, an asymmetrical multiplayer game, revolves around survivors attempting to escape a slasher, with previous crossovers featuring themes from Alien, Silent Hill, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The character Alan Wake seems a fitting addition to the horror game, as the tormented writer frequently faces horror and distress. Wake’s introduction to Dead by Daylight is anecdotal, as he finds himself in the midst of the game’s slasher playground through his writing. The significant phrase hinting towards his addition is “Live by the pen, die by the pen.”

Alan Wake becomes available in Dead by Daylight’s Public Test Build on January 10 at 11 am EST, and for regular purchase by January 30.


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