“Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age to be Added on Game Boy Advance – Nintendo Switch Online on January 17”



Nintendo has announced that two popular games, Golden Sun and its sequel Golden Sun: The Lost Age, will be added to the Game Boy Advance – Nintendo Switch Online on January 17th. The Golden Sun game series involves magic-wielding young heroes embarking on a quest to protect the world of Weyard from the ancient power of Alchemy. Throughout their journey, they encounter complex puzzles, formidable foes, and are assisted by enigmatic creatures known as the Djinn.

The second installment, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, follows a different protagonist, Felix, who was the antagonist in the first game, as he aims to prove that Alchemy, rather than being destructive, might save Weyard. The games feature a multitude of elements including turn-based combat, puzzle-solving, open world exploration, and RPG-inspired character upgrades.

These games are part of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership and offer an engaging story with unpredictable gameplay. The world of Weyard becomes more mysterious as the players explore, providing a captivating gaming experience.


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