Gameplay Trailer of Unicorn Overlord Showcases Exploration and Liberation Features



The new Unicorn Overlord gameplay trailer from Atlus and Vanillaware stresses on the concepts of liberating and exploring regions. Players are charged with managing the Liberation Army to explore different areas of Fevrith, engaging enemies, enhancing their army, and preparing for the opposition; the Empire of Zenoira. Industry-specific tasks involve aiding local inhabitants to progressively gain control and partake in battles for rewards, as well as freeing settlements through combat to gain local support and access their shops. Players also have the opportunity to financially contribute to the development of towns and forts.

Alongside the gameplay trailer, several screenshots of Unicorn Overlord have been released. These images depict different allies the player will encounter, narrative episodes, battles, and the evolution of relationships within the player’s army. It is explained that building rapport within the squad strengthens overall performance.

Unicorn Overlord has been confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X on March 8, 2024. The game essentially allows players to discover and liberate unique regions while building relationships with their team and preparing for a fight against the Empire of Zenoira.


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