Naoki Yoshida Proposes That The Younger Generation Should Tackle Final Fantasy XVII



Naoki Yoshida, director of Final Fantasy XIV and producer of XVI, recently suggested in an interview that it could be time for a younger generation of developers to handle the next installment of the saga. Although he clarified that the team at Square Enix has not yet decided a director for Final Fantasy XVII, Yoshida made it clear that he believes the future of the franchise might benefit from fresh perspectives capable of tackling challenges for today’s world.

This discussion took place during a Game Maker’s Notebox interview with Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida. Naoki Yoshida intimated that after his experience with two titles, XIV and XVI, he foresees the potential for novelty and innovation arising from different, younger hands.

Meanwhile, Square Enix remains focused on the current projects, continuing the development of Final Fantasy XIV with the ‘Dawntrail’ release slated for this summer, and enhancing Final Fantasy XVI with new story-based DLC and a forthcoming PC version. No concrete announcements about Final Fantasy XVII have been made.


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