Next Game from Dave The Diver Studio is a Team-Based PvP Arena Battler



The game development studio Mintrocket, a subsidiary of Korean publisher Nexon and creators of fan-favorite Dave The Diver, has unveiled their newest creation, Wakerunners. Unlike the mild confusion surrounding Dave The Diver’s indie classification, Wakerunners is decisively a team-based battle action game where heroes face off against each other in the fray. The game is set to have a demo launch in the upcoming Steam Next Fest and a teaser trailer is currently available for viewing.

Set in a dystopian future Earth, Wakerunners features surviving factions battling in 4v4 and 5v5 teams. Characterized by unique abilities, personas, and battle styles, each character can glide at high speeds, facilitated by a distinctive acceleration and deceleration mechanic. Though Wakerunners does not employ 2D pixel art, sparking no debates about its indie status, the question arises whether it falls in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) category. Using the term “team battle action game”, the lack of lanes, creeps, and towers typical of MOBAs implies it might be closer to the Battlerite genre.

As an interesting gameplay feature, Wakerunners allows players to change characters mid-battle, adapting their strategy based on the combat demands of the moment. The game, previously listed on the Mintrocket site as “Project TB”, sits alongside their previous projects, Dave The Diver, and upcoming zombie stealth survival game, Nakwon: Last Paradise.


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