Twin Galaxies Restores Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong Scores



Billy Mitchell’s lawsuit against the video gaming database Twin Galaxies has concluded. The dispute started in 2018 when Twin Galaxies questioned the legitimacy of Mitchell’s high scores in the arcade version of Donkey Kong, resulting in these scores being removed from the official archive. Due to this, Mitchell began litigation against Twin Galaxies for defamation in 2019.

During the litigation, Guinness conducted an independent investigation and found that Mitchell’s records were legitimate. This led to the reinstatement of his scores and a settlement between Mitchell and Twin Galaxies, resulting in the restoration of his scores on the official historical database, however, Mitchell’s scores are not reinstated on the live leaderboard and he is prohibited from submitting any future record-breaking scores.

Although the result seems like a partial victory, Mitchell released a statement indicating satisfaction with the resolution, stating, “Twin Galaxies has reinstated all of my world records from my videogame career”. Mitchell also expressed relief at reaching a resolution after a long ordeal and promised to pursue his future gaming efforts elsewhere.


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