Update 1.1 for ‘Against The Storm’ Improves Early Game Engagement



Against The Storm, which launched out of early access last year, has now seen its first significant update post-release. The 1.1 update brings a host of improvements to this unique roguelite citybuilder, including fresh art, new user interface enhancements, quality of life tweaks, and novel orders aimed at making the initial stages of settlement building more engaging. The game involves players building small fantasy towns at the Queen’s behest and offers a variety of orders or objectives, addressing a reported imbalance between early and later stage orders.

This update also includes new trader portraits and icons, additional town decorations, and changes to the options menu for increased clarity. However, the developers have issued a warning, mainly to PC Game Pass players, advising them to manually backup their saves ahead of the update due to the possibility of a cloud save error causing progress loss. They mention that the new save verification system and an extra layer of backups introduced in Patch 1.0.5R should safeguard save files, but there’s no absolute guarantee.

Despite these concerns, Against The Storm maintains high esteem among critics and gamers, with praise for being an inventive and exciting crossover between roguelite and citybuilder genres. Notably, a review in December hailed it as a “bold step forward for both genres,” affirming the game’s overall appeal and potential.


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