The Upcoming League Of Legends Spin-off Masterfully Combines Elements from Stardew, Spiritfarer, and Animal Crossing



Bandle Tale: A League Of Legends Story, an enchanting crafting RPG developed by Lazy Bear Games, was publicly revealed last year. The game introduces a stark tonal shift from the developers’ previous project, Graveyard Keeper, as it directs players through a captivating, knitting-themed city of Bandle. Players explore the game as Yordle creatures from The League Of Legends while acquiring a variety of craft skills, creating objects, completing errands, making friends, and throwing parties in an engaging gameplay of around 40-60 hours. The game’s world, despite its charming exterior, conceals a wealth of intricate features within, to repair a broken portal network within Runeterra.

In this League Of Legends spin-off, players won’t step into the shoes of a champion but will meet various champions on their journey while playing a customizable Yordle character. The character learns survival skills such as cooking, farming, and collecting food via interactions with in-game characters such as a local chef named Winstock. Over time, players will collect various in-game resources spread across five islands, resulting in Inspiration points which unlock grand assortments of skills and abilities.

The game’s comprehensive skill tree menu, divided into several sections like Nature tab for cooking, farming, and food-related skills, ensures players progress and specialize in different sub-skills. The skill tree’s design exhibits clarity, showing no more than four strands at once and avoiding overwhelming players. Thus, despite the seemingly endless range of skills to learn and tasks to do, they remain manageable due to the logical layout.


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