Avowed set to launch this fall



The action RPG Avowed is preparing for a fall release for Xbox Series and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, according to announcements from Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian Entertainment. The game is also set to be accessible through Xbox Game Pass. Avowed is set in the fictional world of Eora, introduced in Obsidian Entertainment’s Pillars of Eternity franchise. Players will step into the shoes of an envoy from the land of Aedyr, tasked with investigating rumors of a spreading plague and unraveling an ancient secret linked to the land and threatening its destruction.

The game’s plot takes players to the enigmatic island known as the Living Lands. As an Aedyr envoy, players are entrusted with investigating the rumors of a spreading plague. The Living Lands, though shrouded in mystery and fraught with peril, calls out to the player for aid. It’s an island of diverse landscapes, each with its own unique ecosystem, and a place that feels both foreign and somehow intrinsic.

Avowed offers a visceral combat experience, allowing players to strategize their way through encounters with the island’s dangerous creatures. Players can dynamically mix and match swords, spells, guns, and shields to defeat enemies. From freezing adversaries before smashing them with an axe, to using spells to trap them for an easy sword hit, or employing a shield to stun them before landing a critical blow, players dictate their own combat styles. A newly released behind-the-scenes video provides further insight into the game’s exciting features.


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