The game Visions of Mana, featuring a giant cute dog, is set to launch this summer.



During the recent Xbox Developer Direct event, a surprising third-party guest announcement was made by Square Enix. They debuted more details on the upcoming game “Visions of Mana” and confirmed a Summer 2024 release. This game is the first in the Mana series to be available on Xbox platforms and it appears to build on the success of the Trials of Mana remake by showcasing a bright, full 3D action-RPG combat. Notably, the stand-out feature for many was the introduction of a dog-like companion character called the Pikul.

Developed as a mix of a Yorkshire terrier and a pangolin, the Picul character seemed to capture plenty of attention in its presentation. Square Enix also gave insight into the game’s musical score which will feature a whopping 100 songs that cleverly adapt as players enter combat. This dynamic music system brought an unique charm to the proceedings, and has left many intrigued about its implementation in the vast overworld of the new RPG.

Vision of Mana’s showcasing right beside popular titles like Indiana Jones and Avowed marks a significant push for the Mana series. It underlines Xbox’s growing commitment to collaborate with a broader range of third-party developers. From the looks of it, the Saga of Mana series could be on the verge of recapturing its action-RPG magic. Audiences are waiting eagerly for the Summer 2024 launch.


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