Palworld Sells 1 Million Copies Within Just 8 Hours



Pocket Pair, the developers of Palworld – a monster-catching, survival, and crafting game – have celebrated the immense popularity of their new release, which sold over a million copies in just eight hours of its debut. The game, which is currently trending, was listed third on Steam’s Wishlist page the night before its launch. It has been released on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, and it’s also available via the Xbox Game Pass, an exception to the typical sales figure calculation. The success of the game could be attributed to its diverse influences from famed franchises such as Pokémon, Breath of the Wild, Rust, Valheim, and Monster Hunter.

The game, described as a hodgepodge project due to its amalgamation of various gaming concepts, has received high early impressions from renowned platforms like Destructoid. The game remains in the Early Access/Game Preview phase for at least another year according to the Steam page.

Looking ahead, Pocket Pair has big plans for the development of Palworld, promising new gameplay elements, and enhancements. Additions to look forward to include new monsters, exploration areas, and survival essentials. The developers are also open to implementing completely new game systems based on player feedback and suggestions, indicating a commitment to a continuously evolving gaming experience.


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