The demo of the new brick tower defense game from Moonlighter developers is available now.



Digital Sun, the creators behind action RPG Moonlighter, is set to release their first self-published game, Cataclismo, in Q2 of this year. Unlike Moonlighter’s blend of shopkeeping and dungeon-crawling, Cataclismo is a real-time strategy (RTS) tower defence hybrid. In this game, players will be establishing and maintaining a fortress made of Lego-style blocks and deploying troops to protect it from invading hordes.

Cataclismo stands out from the crowd as its gameplay encourages a stay-and-defend strategy, with no welcoming of inbound ‘shoppers’. The fortress represents the shop, with the only difference being the intent of unwelcoming incoming monsters. Players can now experience the unique combination of RTS and tower defence as a demo of the game is currently available on Steam.

Drawing parallels to action RPG Ashen, Cataclismo is viewed by some as a successful bridge between genres. It provides a satisfying horde mode experience while introducing RTS aspects to players who may not typically be drawn to these styles of games. Note: Regular writer Brendan Caldwell contributed writing to Cataclismo.


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