Nintendo Switch 2 Set to Defeat Scalpers through Enormous Initial Release Supply



Nintendo is reportedly planning to release over 10 million units of the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 during its launch year, as part of strategies to outpace scalpers and prevent stock shortages faced by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series during the 2020 global chip shortage. As reported by Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki, the new console will feature an 8-inch LCD screen, a slight let-down for fans hoping for an OLED display, although there are hints that an OLED version could be in the offing.

In terms of gaming specifications, developers have received dev kits revealing support for DLSS, ray tracing and more. The launch of the hybrid console, though not clearly stated, will reportedly be later in the year, maintaining Nintendo’s upper hand in the gaming market. Insiders suggest that existing owners of the original Switch can look forward to ongoing support, including cross-gen first-party releases and third-party games.

Questions about backward compatibility for the Nintendo Switch 2 are yet to be addressed. Given Nintendo’s history of adding this feature in previous systems, fans are optimistic about playing old Switch games on the Switch 2. As the world awaits the launch of the Nintendo Switch 2, Meccha-Japan has recently made tentative pre-orders available, with a speculated release window in 2024.


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