“Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Game Released and Promptly Removed”



Rocksteady Studios’ highly anticipated game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League hit unexpected turbulence when players with early access discovered a major bug that gave them full story completion upon their first log-in. The glitch, effectively a potential spoiler, urged Rocksteady to temporarily remove the game for maintenance. The developers acknowledged the issue, assuring players they were working towards its rectification and apologised for the unavoidable inconvenience. Being an online game, this bug also made the single-player mode unplayable.

As part of a promotion, customers who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, or Xbox Series X were granted up to 72 hours of early access. However, the early access period only added to Rocksteady’s problems as Warner Bros. Games, the publisher of the title, did not distribute pre-release review codes to media outlets. As a result, some entities – like IGN – ran negative pre-launch reviews of the game without having the completed experience.

Creating Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been fraught with numerous other hurdles for Rocksteady, including delays, substantial story leaks, backlash over its live-service multiplayer focus, and complaints over the return of certain characters from earlier Batman Arkham titles. In spite of these challenges, the game is set to officially launch on Feb. 2.


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