Another Rise of the Ronin Trailer Released by State of Play



In the latest State of Play, insights were provided into the dynamic features of Rise of the Ronin, PlayStation’s forthcoming major game. The game has a highly interactive traversal system, going beyond mere running to include gliding and horse riding. Despite this, the focus is not just on exploring the environment; considerable attention was also shed on the game’s combat system which includes multiple weapons ranging from blades to a flamethrower.

Rise of the Ronin’s narrative is set in the climactic years of the 19th century during the Boshin War. It offers players the opportunity to design their unique characters and dive into action-packed battles utilizing various armaments. The challenge for the game, despite its captivating premise, will be to differentiate itself from similar games like the Assassin’s Creed series set in Japan.

Set to be released on March 22 on PS5, Rise of the Ronin is gearing up to be more than just another historical combat game. The dynamic traversal and fighting mechanics, combined with an intriguing setting, could potentially separate this game from the pack.


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