Silent Hill: The Short Message, a New Complimentary Game for PS5



During the January 2024 State of Play showcase, a new Silent Hill game, The Short Message, was revealed and instantaneously launched as a free download for PS5. This first-person horror game stars a girl, Anita, who ventures into a decrepit apartment building following her friend Maya’s messages, hunted by a lurking monster amid prevalent themes of bullying and suicide reflected in graffiti and notes on the walls. The trailer provides a captivating peek into the gloomy hallways and the unknown Anita is hungrily searching for.

Silent Hill: The Short Message is one among many recent developments by Konami for the franchise. Upcoming Silent Hill projects include Silent Hill: Townfall, developed by No Code, known for Stories Untold and Observation, and Silent Hill f, which interestingly will have a narrative penned by Ryukishi07, the author behind Higurashi When They Cry. Besides these, a remake of Silent Hill 2 was also showcased during the State of Play presentation.

Silent Hill: The Short Message, a new addition to the chilling Silent Hill series, is now ripe for download on PS5, promising players a fresh dose of thrilling horror.


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