Lost Hellden, a ‘Hand Painted’ JRPG by Artisan Studios, scheduled for console and PC release in 2025



Artisan Studios, the developer of Super Neptunia RPG and Astria Ascending, has unveiled its newest venture, Lost Hellden. Set for release in 2025, Lost Hellden is a unique, ‘hand painted’ JRPG blending 2D art with 3D gameplay via innovative ‘Deep 2D’ technology. The development team includes audio and music direction from industry talent Hitoshi Sakimoto, known for his work on Final Fantasy XII and Valkyria Chronicles, and artistic illustrations by Takeshi Oga of Gravity Rush and Siren fame. Platforms announced for the game’s launch include PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Lost Hellden is set in the world of Era, where inhabitants are bound to one of the Seven Deadly Sins before their first birthday through a religious event known as the Nexus Ritual. If they succumb to their respective sins, citizens transform into feral creatures. Twins with one bound to all seven sins and the other born free of any sin are the game’s main characters, Cyphel and Leht. The Arkhons, religious enforcers, raise the twins as apprentices within the confined sanctuary of the capital city, Avilah.

As Cyphel and Leht embark on their journey of self-discovery, they will be accompanied by Arkhons Gram Stoneheim, their stern combat teacher, and the more laid-back Enki Taillevent. With a battle system that combines action and strategy, players can anticipate an immersive gaming experience that explores themes of self-discovery, destiny, and sin.


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