Diablo IV will be available on Xbox Game Pass in March



Diablo IV is set to become the first Activision Blizzard game offered on the Xbox Game Pass, with its launch slated for March 28th. The availability of Blizzard games on the subscription service had been speculated by fans after Microsoft’s billion-dollar acquisition of Activision Blizzard, despite Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer stating in October of last year that games like Call of Duty would not start appearing on Xbox Game Pass until 2024. As a major hit last year, Diablo IV’s introduction to the service will provide a fresh gaming experience for its 34 million subscribers.

The announcement of Diablo IV’s arrival on Game Pass was made in a blog post that also mentioned Xbox’s plans to bring four unnamed exclusives to other platforms. The post reassured Xbox fans that the console will continue to provide value through Game Pass. Diablo IV is the beginning of this evolution, with Xbox promising updates on future Activision Blizzard games soon.

In summary, Diablo IV’s inclusion into the Xbox Game Pass marks the beginning of Activision Blizzard’s presence on the platform, potentially offering gamers access to a wider variety of titles in the future. This is a strategic move by Xbox as it plans to continue enhancing the value of the Game Pass for its subscribers.


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