Remastered Riviera: The Promised Land Set to Launch on Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan on February 29



Sting has revealed the release date for the remaster of Riviera: The Promised Land for Nintendo Switch in Japan, set to launch on February 29. This announcement follows a trend, as the company has previously revived several RPGs from the Heaven series, including Yggdra Union, Knights in the Nightmare, Gloria Union, and Blaze Union for Japanese audiences. However, Yggdra Union remains the only one available in English on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

The refreshed version of Riviera: The Promised Land will be available as downloadable software on the Nintendo eShop from February 29, with pre-orders starting on February 1. Promising an immersive fantasy RPG experience akin to turning pages of a picture book, players can enjoy features such as unique character designs by Sunaho Tobe, music drawn from PSP, GBA, and WSC versions of the game, and a raft of additional functions for improved gameplay.

Riviera: The Promised Land, the first title in the Dept. Heaven series, is set to impress game enthusiasts of all levels with its fusion of nostalgic elements and fresh upgrades in the remastered version.


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