Huge Profits in the Revised Edition of Rampage



Gigantic, a 5v5 MOBA Hero Shooter video game, came into the market with a full release in July 2017 but unfortunately, it was short-lived and the servers were shut down slightly after a year. The game appeared to have met a common fate of many online games when their servers are no longer in operation until a sudden brief resurrection during a two-day invite-only event the following year. Despite the widespread speculations on its return driven by hopeful fans, these beliefs were not confirmed and were considered to baseless rumors.

Fast forward to recent events, the whispers and expectations from the gaming community are finally validated. An official announcement unveils Gigantic: Rampage Edition, potentially marking the game’s revival. The rumors that were once disregarded are now formative to the great news for the gaming world and the enthusiasts of the video game Gigantic.


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