Xenonauts 2, Inspired by X-COM, Receives Significant Update as it Nears Full Release



Xenonauts 2, a game released via Steam Early Access in July 2023 and a successor to the much esteemed 2014’s Xenonauts, recently got a substantial update named Milestone 3 (version 3.0.8). The update brings noteworthy additions such as an all-new Cruiser UFO encounter, Fusion-tier weapons, and an upgraded ARES combat drone. The switch over to the Unity 2022 version and the introduction of a new mobile weapons platform is also excitingly noteworthy.

Billed as less of a sequel and more a reimagining of the original vision, Xenonaut 2 is set in a neo-Cold War era while keeping the spirit of the original X-COM alive. The Milestone 3 update is largely aimed at enhancing the Early Access campaign mode. While a full campaign won’t be playable until Milestone 5, this update is a significant leap forward, extending the campaign’s duration and introducing a whole new technology level for players to explore.

Besides new content, Milestone 3 also brings improved load times and proper borderless windowed support, courtesy of the transition to Unity 2022. Furthermore, the game’s AI has been improved to make gameplay more interesting, making civilians less suicidal, and AI units more smart in combat scenarios. Also, various enhancements have been made to the pre-mission preparation screen, missions, and balancing changes. While the full 1.0 release of Xenonauts 2 hasn’t been mentioned by the developers, at least two more major updates are on the way.


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