Luminous Endless Ocean for Switch Revealed



Nintendo and developer ARIKA have unveiled their new game, Endless Ocean Luminous for Switch, inviting players to investigate an enigmatic underwater world known as the Veiled Sea. The game offers opportunities for discovery with each dive, with over 500 species of marine life, some believed to be extinct or perhaps even legendary, waiting to be found and studied. Excitingly, players can embark on shared expeditions, accommodating up to 30 players with a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Nintendo’s aim is to encourage exploration and camaraderie, as divers can interact with each other before undertaking their joint maritime ventures. To facilitate this, the game comes with a complimentary seven-day trial for Nintendo Switch Online, making shared expeditions more accessible.

However, an internet connection and a Nintendo Switch Online membership are still required for these joint explorations. If gamers are not already members, Nintendo reassures that they will receive a free Nintendo eShop code for a seven-day trial with the purchase of the game. The announcement trailer and first screenshots of this new release are now available for viewing.


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