Arrowhead Fixes Quickplay and Crash Bugs in Helldivers 2 Patch, Continues Work on AFK Kick Option and Login Rate Limits



Experiencing substantial issues with the “ready up” button and other in-game actions during a recent Helldivers 2 co-op mission, I discovered the difficulties that came with serving other players during the problematic game interactions. To address these issues, developers Arrowhead have apparently planned future patches, including patch 1.000.10 that was released and resolved a number of PC matchmaking bugs, improvement of civilian extraction mission difficulty, and crash issues related to rewards display. The patch also provided other adjustments to enhance the game like the implantation of an automatic retry mechanism and notable backend performance improvements.

Despite the solutions implemented through the recent patch, known issues, including “various UI problems”, were identified to be related to the new patch or previous game versions. Known issues, varying from login limitations to in-game frozen characters and disconnections, alongside other unknown possible behaviors indicated the limited success of the patch. These combined issues have continually been a barrier for user login, disrupting the game’s popularity and widespread usage.

Furthermore, Arrowhead’s CEO, Johan Pilestedt, praised his engineers for managing to handle the spiking game demand, comparing their achievement to competing in a Formula 1 race with a Vespa motor scooter. He emphasized the studio’s effort to make the game accessible to the maximum number of players without any limitations, and that this process entails pressure and stress. A future patch introducing an Away From Keyboard (AFK) kick option was confirmed by Pilestedt, which should prevent players from staying signed into the server for hours, blocking access for other dedicated players.


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