“Contra: Operation Galuga Releases on March 12, Demo Available Now”



Konami in collaboration with WayForward have announced the release date for their co-developed game, Contra: Operation Galuga, as March 12, 2024. The game, which retells the 1987 arcade narrative, introduces a cast of characters beyond original protagonists, each endowed with unique abilities. However, the game is not just a remake of the original, but modernizes several aspects while maintaining references to previous games in the series. A demo version has also been launched ahead of the official release and is available on all platforms.

In a chat with the game’s director, Tomm Hulett, it was noted that this isn’t WayForward’s initial experience with the series, having had success with 2007’s Contra 4 for the DS. Contra: Operation Galuga will be available on various platforms including Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, with preorders beginning on March 1st. The physical release will be handled by Limited Run Games.

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