Konami is bringing back one of the most elusive Game Boy Advance games



Limited Run Games is set to re-release the highly sought after Ninja Five-O game, originally for Game Boy Advance, at a much more affordable price to players. The game is scheduled to be launched later this year for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The re-release of the game will run on Limited Run’s Carbon Engine, the same technology powering the company’s upcoming collections of Konami’s Felix the Cat and Rocket Knight Adventures.

The full details of the release are yet to be specified by Limited Run Games, including the schedules for the digital and physical versions of the game. However, the company has teased a rewind feature for the re-release. Given the high prices, a Ninja Five-O copy has fetched in the past, this is expected to be a deal appreciated by most budget gamers.

Originally released in 2003, Ninja Five-O, also known as Ninja Cop, has players take the role of a ninja cop taking down a terrorist group. Despite its positive reception at launch, the game never saw a release in Japan and has since become a rare find for gamers. It’s expected that, with Konami’s newfound confidence in the title and Limited Run Games’ involvement, Ninja Five-O will garner a larger audience with its re-release.


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