Developers of Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket Assert it’s Not an NFT Project



The Pokémon Company has unveiled its new virtual card collecting game, Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket, and swiftly addressed online rumors suggesting the inclusion of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Fans expressed concerns over the possibility of these digital card collectibles being sold as NFTs, with some even labeling the game an “NFT scam.” In response, a company representative assured that the firm has neither developed nor approved any Pokémon NFTs; any related items sold in the market would be unofficial and not affiliated with The Pokémon Company.

Despite certain gaming companies finding ways to incorporate NFTs into their games, the idea of integrating NFTs into a Pokémon game is incongruous due to the technological demands and the family-friendly nature of the brand. Besides, the wider crypto market that supports NFTs has been experiencing significant downfalls, further validating the companies decision. Gaming developers certainly don’t need NFTs to build valuable and exclusive virtual items – a fact proved by the substantial amounts gamers would spend on cosmetics in any live-service game.

The developers have not yet shared detailed information about the new game’s monetization model. However, it’s known that the game, which emphasizes digital card collecting, will operate on a free-to-play basis, and players will receive two complimentary “booster packs” daily. Most likely, players might be able to purchase additional card packs to obtain sought-after cards, mimicking real-life collecting experiences.


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