Video of Helldivers 2 Mech Emerges Amid Speculation of Meteor Stratagems and Deployable AI Teammates



The Helldivers 2 team, having resolved major server issues, has been planning for the future, and recent Reddit leaks show that rideable mechs could soon be part of the game. A Reddit user, fozzye18, posted footage of a player operating a mech in the game, launching explosive rounds from onboard weapons. The same leaker also hinted at the potential addition of new stratagems, or equipment options, to the game, including energy rpgs, meteorites, and player support options.

Various clips on Reddit reveal more about the anticipated mech features, including one showing a mech equipped with rocket launchers and a minigun. Though the origins of the clips are unconfirmed, speculation suggests that they may come from game demos. It’s worth mentioning that mechs have precedent in the Helldivers universe, as they made appearances in the original game and in trailers for the sequel.

Regardless of the accuracy of these leaks, they have certainly stirred excitement among players for potential new additions. Mechs in the first game offered a unique playstyle, providing great power at the expense of speed and ammo, making them effective against heavy-armored adversaries. It remains to be seen how they would be implemented in the sequel, with its shift from a top-down to a third-person perspective. The possibility of new content enriches the co-op experience, opening the possibility for the addition of exciting, humorous or ghoulish elements to the game.


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