Melatonin, the Dreamy Rhythm Game, Launches on PlayStation 5 on March 12



Developer Half Asleep has revealed its plan to release the rhythm game Melatonin on PlayStation 5 on March 12, 2024. The game, first launched on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store in December 2023, quickly followed by a Switch version, emphasizes a dreamlike aesthetic using distinctive color palettes and immersive audio-visual cues rather than traditional genre overlays. Melatonin offers an intriguing blend of rhythm gameplay and storytelling, inviting players to delve into the protagonist’s dreams while testing their rhythmic skills.

Designed to be a relaxing, creative experience, the game offers several assist features for players who prefer a more laid-back approach, though a challenging hard mode is also available. Included within the unique hand-drawn art and story is a level editor, which lets players remix and create their game stages. The original PC version permitted the use of personal song files provided the exact tempo was known, but it remains unclear whether this feature will be incorporated into the PS5 version.

As of now, the game’s level editor is touted as an “easy-to-use” tool while the specifics on its capability and flexibility are yet to be confirmed. Until its launch, gamers will have to be content with the tidbits provided in the PS5 trailer and can eagerly anticipate delving into this dreamy rhythm game. As the release edges closer, players can simply grab their headphones and let the rhythm engulf them.


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