The First Rebalance Patch for Helldivers 2 is Released



Arrowhead’s update 01.000.100 for Helldivers 2 comes with several changes, including the nerfing of several popular weapons and Stratagems like the Railgun, the Breaker, and the Personal Shield. Despite the unpopular nerfs, there are several additions in this first rebalancing update like environmental challenges and increasing enemy spawns amongst others. While these changes may initially limit the ways of dealing with heavily armored enemies, they are aimed at enhancing overall gameplay experience and balance.

The update, though small, includes various tweak including changes in weapon capacity and damage, improved handling of certain equipment, introduction of new challenges, and adjustments in mission difficulty and timing. The update also addressed the problem of armor rating values not accurately reducing damage and improved other environmental factors. However, some issues, like certain items becoming unusable on missions still remain unresolved.

While these changes may be viewed as unwelcome by some, Helldivers 2 designer Alex K. has explained that the adjustments were necessary to ensure balance, as the nerfed items were overshadowing other options at higher difficulty levels. Encouraging players to evaluate the updated items independently of their previous versions, Alex maintained that these changes are not detrimental to gameplay, but rather help diversify and optimize the game options. The impact of these adjustments on the game’s existing meta is anticipated with interest.


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