The latest Fallout-themed controllers will cost you more than several caps



The anticipation for the Fallout TV Show, launching on Prime Video on April 12, has stimulated a flurry of activity including the release of a new Fallout-themed customization option for Xbox controllers via the Xbox Design Lab. The limited edition design features different iterations of Vault Boy, the mascot of the Fallout franchise, and a Vault-Tec-themed Xbox logo. Available for pre-order in the Xbox Design Lab, the customized controller comes at an additional cost, compared to other custom designs, priced at a minimum of $84.98.

Despite the higher cost, the new Fallout theme can be intertwined with a range of customization options from the Xbox Design Lab, allowing avid fans to create a bespoke controller to suit personal preferences. Adding metallic triggers and D-Pad could push the price close to $100, even before tax. An ’embarrassing’ custom message can also be engraved for an extra $10, pushing the cost of each controller from a base price of $70.

While the Fallout-themed controller offers a fresh aesthetic, its exclusivity comes with a price, one that tests the boundaries of what consumers are willing to shell out for an aesthetic upgrade to a controller that hasn’t seen a fundamental change in the past four years. This specific Fallout theme isn’t for the Elite controller but is designed for Microsoft’s standard wireless controller, which can be found in white on Amazon for $45.


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