Collector’s Edition and Release Date for Metaphor: ReFantazio Unveiled



Atlus has confirmed the worldwide release of “Metaphor: ReFantazio” for October 11, 2024, including a Collector’s Edition and many exciting features. The game, directed by Katsura Hashino, is set in the United Kingdom of Euchronia and involves alliances with various races to strengthen the protagonist’s claim to the throne. It features a hybrid combat system combining turn-based battles with action-RPG elements, with areas of expansive exploration. The game also highlights differing enemy strengths, with blue outlined foes easily defeated but yellow icon enemies requiring more tactical, turn-based combat.

Design aspects have been contributed by renowned artists such as Koda Kazuma, who worked on the design of the city Royal Capital Grand Trad, and Ikuto Yamashita, who designed the game’s large armored vehicles. Another key component of the game is the travel and time management aspect through the mobile base Gauntlet Runner. This feature allows players to undertake new quests in various locations. The game also introduces an adaptive Job System revolving around “Archetypes,” similar to the Persona from the Atlus series, with each boasting unique capabilities.

For those eager to preview the game, Atlus has released a 33-minute English-dubbed and subtitled livestream. Pre-orders for the “Metaphor: ReFantazio” are currently open, including the Collector’s Edition. Officially releasing on October 11, 2024, it will be available on platforms such as PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam.


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