Stellar Blade: An Unfiltered Gaming Experience



Shift Up recently unveiled that their game, Stellar Blade, will remain uncensored across all regions, a piece of news that was made official alongside new gameplay videos. This confirmation quells speculations about content changes, given that both the game and demo features a Skin Suit option that gives the appearance of a naked protagonist, Eve. The gameplay videos, lacking any explicit naming of attacks, chronicle Eve utilizing a variety of skills to defeat an array of monsters.

The Stellar Blade gameplay highlights began with the Beta Skills video, effectively demonstrating the combat mechanics. Following this, the Burst Skills video was released on April 21, 2024, showcasing even more potent abilities of Eve that can wipe out enemies. These intense moments are often supplemented with time slowdowns for players to better appreciate the attack animations.

Stellar Blade is set to be accessible on the PS5 starting April 26, 2024, with a demo currently available. Notably, our audience’s purchases through links on our site contribute to a small affiliate commission supporting Siliconera.


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