The 1.3 Update of Against The Storm is Now Available, Appealing Mainly to Zoomers



The latest update of Against The Storm introduces a new character, a legendary water demon called River Kelpie, who has the ability to put villagers under a spell. One of the most striking aspects of this update is the expanded game view, with players now able to zoom out 66% further from their settlements. This feature aims to alleviate the feeling of claustrophobia often associated with management games, allowing players to keep track of their total game world more easily.

The new zoom feature, although not on the same scale as 2007’s Supreme Commander, is a result of performance improvements that came with version 1.3. Aside from this, the update brings a number of quality-of-life changes and balance tweaks, making resource tooltips more informative, enabling players to mark individual trees for chopping, and enhancing a number of upgrades.

However, it should be noted that saved, incomplete settlements from previous versions will lose compatibility after the update. Players will receive Citadel Resources and Royal Resupply as compensation for this. Those who wish to complete their save can do so using the beta branch menu on Steam to revert to version 1.2, but this option will only be available for one more week.


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