Rumor: Disney Reportedly Working on Kingdom Hearts Adaptation



A TV/movie adaptation of the popular Kingdom Hearts series is rumored to be in development at Disney, inciting excited speculation among fans. While it is still unclear whether the adaptation will take the form of a feature film or a TV series, the news seems to confirm long-standing murmurs about such a project being in the works. This rumored update was reportedly shared by Daniel RPK, a leaker known for his accurate leaks.

While official confirmation has not been given by Disney, the information shared by RPK points towards the likelihood of the adaptation’s existence. Fans will be keenly waiting for further announcements to validate these loose threads of information. Until then, the speculation surrounding this rumor continues as fans of Kingdom Hearts wait with hopeful anticipation.

This rumor was initially reported by My Nintendo News, deliberating on whether this could be a game-changer for the Kingdom Hearts series. The adaptation of this highly beloved video game series could potentially introduce the series to a wider audience, ensuring that this rumor will continue to be a hot topic amongst fans.


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