Developers of Paradise Killer reintroduce strange crime drama through the open-world Promise Mascot Agency



Kaizen Game Works, the developers of 2020’s hit Paradise Killer, have revealed their next venture, an open-world game named Promise Mascot Agency, scheduled for release in 2025. The game follows the adventures of disgraced Yakuza member Michi who, after taking over a struggling mascot agency, finds himself tasked with both business turnaround and unravelling the conspiracy that led to his downfall. The game, much like Paradise Killer, will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows.

Playing as Michi, gamers will navigate an area named Kaso-Machi, complete with a practical, if somewhat eccentric truck for transport. The unique game design includes not just solving crimes but actually managing the mascots represented by your agency. Players utilize “Hero Cards” to aid their quirky charges, often spiralling into comedic sequences.

The developer’s previous offering, Paradise Killer, was critically acclaimed, and expectations for Promise Mascot Agency are high. Game reviewers eagerly anticipate another immersive foray into Kaizen Game Works’ unique and vibrant universe, despite the wait until its release in 2025.


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