“Dungeons of Hinterberg Set to Launch on July 18”



Dungeons of Hinterberg, a blend of single-player action RPG and social simulation game, is set to launch on Xbox Series and PC via Steam on July 18. The game, which is announced by publisher Curve Games and developer Microbird, will also be accessible through the Xbox Game Pass. Set in the scenic alpine village of Hinterberg, players will use their sword and magic to navigate through the game, solving puzzles, slaying monsters and unearthing the mystical secrets hidden within the 25 dungeons that are scattered around the village.

Designed to offer a dynamic gaming experience, players can explore the alluring landscape of the Alps in a snowboard, zipline across the forest, climb mountains, or relax by the lake while on the quest for the next dungeon. Critical skills in harnessing the wind, conjuring a snowboard from thin air, or freezing enemies in a jelly block will be essential in combating the monsters lurking within Hinterberg. Brimming with intriguing puzzles, the deceptively challenging dungeons are designed to test the players’ strategic skills, encouraging the use of magic and innovative tactics to progress through the game.

Dungeons of Hinterberg also emphasizes on bonding with the local denizens and other adventurers. These interactions not only make for a more immersive experience but are also integral to growing stronger, learning new tricks, and becoming a more efficient monster slayer. The game’s release will be accompanied by a new trailer which can be previewed below, and new screenshots can be viewed at the gallery.


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