This Spooky Adventure Game Is Steered by An Untrustworthy Narrator



During the ID@Xbox presentation, a preview of the enigmatic new point-and-click adventure game, Centum, was provided. Set to launch this summer, the game will be available for Xbox Series X|S and PC. Central to the narrative is the player’s attempt to break free from a mysterious, ever-changing prison cell, during which an inconsistent narrator guides the way, adding a curious twist to the plot.

The trailer for Centum suggests a sense of disquiet and intrigue reminiscent of games such as “Doki Doki Literature Club” and “Slay the Princess”. Interestingly, the game doesn’t follow a single protagonist. Instead, players guide the ego states of multiple characters and their interrelations, which in turn mold the plot and can lead to multiple endings.

Moreover, Centum offers a unique gaming experience with its hidden variables that persist across different gameplay runs, thereby introducing new twists every time. The game’s Steam page highlights this aspect, noting that “no two experiences are alike”, promising a dynamic and engaging playing experience for the audience.


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