Elder Scrolls-Inspired Game ‘Dread Delusion’ Exits Early Access in May, a Nostalgic Treat for Horror Fans



Dread Delusion, an open-world RPG created by Lovely Hellplace and published by DreadXP, is set to leave its early access phase on the 14th May. The game draws inspiration from classic 90s and early 2000s RPGs and allows players to navigate through flying continents of a fragmented world, uncovering enigmatic towns, hidden secrets, and powerful magical spells. It encourages a variety of play styles, ranging from the more pacifistic approaches which utilize intellectual or charismatic strategies, to combat-oriented plays that let you utilize a vast array of weapons.

Further elevating the game’s appeal is its visual direction, with elements reminiscent of popular classic games such as Morrowind and Zelda. The full version will also debut the Underlands, a new realm that features an eternal storm under a blood-red sky. This new addition is expected to bring with it new towns, dungeons, quests, upgradeable airships, and cursed enemies, offering around 10-15 hours of extra content.

DreadXP is renowned for creating and publishing games across various horror genres. Despite the grand scope of Dread Delusion, it manages to maintain a pleasingly condensed feel, similar to the original Beyond Good & Evil. For those who love the style of DreadXP but are not fond of open-world RPGs, the company offers a host of other games in different horror genres.


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