LRG Announces Replacement of D: The Game 3DO CD-R Disc



Customers who bought D: The Game The Collector’s Edition for the 3DO were disappointed to find that Limited Run Games (LRG) had shipped the product with burned CD-R discs instead of pressed discs, rendering them unplayable on the system. Following online outcry from users such as Voultar, LRG announced on social media that it would replace the unplayable discs and would also honour refund requests for dissatisfied customers. Details on the timeline for the distribution of replacement discs were not disclosed but the firm advised those looking for refunds to go to their Support Center to start a ticket.

In its social media responses, LRG emphasized that the disc issue only affected D: The Game customers, not those who bought Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties and assured D: The Game customers that replacement discs would automatically be sent out. The faulty edition had retailed at $64.99.

This is not the company’s first issue with unsatisfied customers – an earlier problem occurred with DOOM: The Classics Collection denying offline play unless users connected to their Nintendo Network or PlayStation Network account. In this case, customers were required to return their Switch or PS4 copies to LRG before receiving replacements. D: The Game remains available on the 3DO and PC.


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