Sony Reverses Plans to Link PSN Accounts with Helldivers 2 Following 3 Days of Outcry



The initial update planned by Sony for Helldivers 2 would have required PC players of the game to create and link a PlayStation Network account to their Steam account, a move that angered many fans. The requirement, initially intended to be implemented at launch, was delayed due to server stability issues. However, when Sony attempted to reintroduce the restriction, many players found themselves unable to create PlayStation Network accounts due to regional restrictions, making the game unplayable post-update. This led to Valve withdrawing Helldivers 2 from the Steam store in certain regions and offering refunds to affected players.

Critics question Sony’s move, as they believe a PlayStation Network account should not be necessary for a PC game. To them, this decision appears out of touch and has left a negative impact on the trust they have in Sony. Even though Sony has reversed their plan, their intentions have not been forgotten by their customer base.

Despite the controversy, as a PC gamer and PlayStation fan, the fact that Sony is bringing their games to the PC is heartening, but they hope that Sony has learned its lesson from the Helldivers 2 incident and it does not indicate an unsettling trend for the company’s future decisions.


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