Diablo 4 Community Alerts About Changes to Item Salvaging in Latest Patch



The recent Loot Reborn update to Diablo 4 has made numerous changes to the game, one of which may surprise players if not prepared for it. The “Salvage All Items” function no longer makes exceptions for unique or legendary items, meaning players risk losing valuable items if they aren’t carefully set as ‘favorites’ to avoid being salvaged.

A specific post on the Diablo subreddit informs players that this function previously disregarded unique and legendary items, assuming users would want to retain these high-value items. The function now takes these into account unless marked as favorites, a tip made known by one user who discovered this the hard way.

Among other changes, the Loot Reborn update has introduced significant alterations to core gameplay mechanics, enhancing the overall user experience in Diablo 4. The new update changes how item rolls function, adding potency to affixes across the board. It also brings in two new ways to upgrade a weapon: Tempering, which provides an additional affix from a Tempering Recipe, and Masterworking, which amps up all affixes, making the weapon more powerful.


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